A UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus installed at each deployment site provides an always-on, private UniFi cloud service. Every site is accessible through its assigned secure SSO. Each Cloud Key Gen2 Plus is independent with its own network monitoring, configuration, maps, statistics, and admin accounts. Improved User Experience
AWS CloudHSM is a cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) that enables you to easily generate and use your own encryption keys on the AWS Cloud using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. This chalk talk will provide you a deep-dive on CloudHSM, and demonstrate how you can quickly and easily use CloudHSM to help secure your data and meet your ...
Once your keys have been created, you will find them in /home/root/.ssh – there should be id_rsa (private key) and id_rsa.pub (public key) files in that directory. Next, we need to copy that key to the newly created user’s account: ssh-copy-id [email protected][server IP]
Jul 04, 2014 · In this post, we will show how simple it is to configure your Linux server to use credentials stored in the IronWifi Cloud RADIUS. Firstly, install necessary development tools to compile the authentication module. CentOS: yum install gcc pam pam-devel make -y. Ubuntu: apt-get install make libpam0g-dev